Can Your Site Visitors Contact You?

Over the last few weeks I have been doing a little “cold” emailing of small businesses. There are three different categories of business here in Malta that I would ideally like to find a client in. Not knowing anyone in these sectors personally, I have resorted to sending some emails.

Old fashioned hustle.

During this process I have sent almost 300 emails in total. And of those, some have bounced back, of course.

What is interesting is that the contact email addresses listed on company sites are not all working. In fact, I have found that 7% of them don’t work. That is amazing to me.

Bear in mind that I have not been using contact forms either, so there were bound to be a few of those not working as well.

Really, 7% is huge though. What is the point of doing any sort of promotion if visitors cannot then get in touch by email???

Thus the obvious question: are your contact details all up to date on your own website?

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