Every now and again you see the kind of odd result in the search engines that beggars belief. Today I would like to present one from sunny Malta and, ironically, the SEO space.

To normal people, especially clients, these types of results cause all sorts of difficult conversations. Mostly unpleasant conversations along the lines of, “How come this is at number three and I am at number five?”

Once you have been around SEO for a while though, you get used to seeing these types of oddity from time to time.

The screenshot below was taken about thirty minutes ago in Google.com.mt and is the top of page one for the phrase “SEO Malta”. That is my own site listed as number three.

SEO Malta Screenshot 20 May 2014

The next screenshot is the homepage (the actual ranking page) of the number one ranking website.

seomalta.info Screenshot 20 May 2014

That’s right! Outranking all the SEO experts in Malta – including me – is a blank page with no words using a standard WordPress theme.

I have a good idea what has happened and how the site has managed to rank at number one, but these kind of results must be a little embarrassing if you happen to be Google…

The lesson is that sometimes, even in the most complex mathematical structures, weird things “just happen”.

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