The Ever Increasing Cost To Perform SEO

Earlier in the year I wrote about the rising cost to perform SEO on a website (here, here and here).

Those posts were partly based on research, partly on a feeling I and some friends were getting in the market and partly on intuition. Well, I am at it again today…

In recent days I have had a couple of conversations with companies that have real SEO needs and a good friend of mine has had several almost identical conversations of his own. These seem to be based partly on the back of the latest round of updates from Google (known as Panda 4.0).

The thing is, I don’t think that the actual cost to perform SEO have increased, it is just that the complexity keeps on growing and as that happens, there are less and less competent people available that are able to solve this pressing business need.

As that happens, those of us still in the game have less and less available time and more and more offers of ways to fill that time. Supply and demand can be a beast in such circumstances. Prices continue to rise.

I’d like to close this post with a quotation from The Craft of Power, by R.G.H Siu, published in 1979:

“The ancient civilization of the Indus valley is a case in point. It was sustained by a complex irrigation system. The flow of water through its canals was regulated by a series of gates. The farmers found it necessary to assure equitable distribution of water among themselves. So a group of gatekeepers was hired and trained to apportion water in accordance with the instructions and requirements of the farmers. According to historical accounts, not too many decades later the keepers of the gates became the rulers of the farmers.”

The existing economic order is changing.

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