A Ballsy Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Something I see often with small businesses is that they are stuck. They have managed to grow and survive some years, doubtless with lots of hard work, but now they just seem to exist. There are no new ideas, excitement, enthusiasm or anything. Just existence.

I have recollections of meeting a couple of business owners that could not really even describe to me what their companies actually do. I don’t mean that they didn’t have an elevator pitch or a USP, they just kind of mumbled something!

It was my job to write about their firms for their websites, so I researched some competitors, presuming that they were all generic “me too” businesses and then wrote about the competitors, but put the content on the client websites. My clients never asked how I came to learn so much about their companies – I doubt they ever thought about it – it was all obvious … to them!

And then, in contrast, young and ambitious companies do totally the opposite and it is exciting, fun and demands attention. Exhibit A for the defence is the new website being launched by a Malta based fantasy football startup that I am working with, Oulala.com.

Save The Oulala

They have just launched a campaign to “save the Oulala bird:-)

I’m very sorry to say that saving a well endowed bird deep in the Amazonian rain forest wasn’t my idea…

Their market is international and making a splash big enough for multiple countries is not easy, so a part of the plan is to do some wacky stuff and force the issue. Since their market is football supporters, you can expect to see more of the bird in the coming weeks in football related places.

Attention grabbing fun stuff like this has the potential to go viral, to be written or talked about in the mainstream media and to be a lot of fun.

Of course, it might not work, that is the risk of any guerrilla marketing campaign. Actually, this is the risk in launching any marketing campaign. It might be a waste of time, effort and resources. It is the type of risk that traditional business owners and operators don’t like, but it is one of the differences that makes a startup so dynamic in comparison.

What can you do raise awareness and have fun at the same time? Could you create a guerrilla marketing campaign that improves your chances of the mainstream media mentioning your business?

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