Make Your Press Coverage Live On

Press coverage. Every business or professional would like some. You can never have enough, can you…?

For most of us though, if we are able to receive a write up, review or publish an interesting opinion piece, the lifespan of it is very short. In the digital age press coverage can last much longer than used to be the case when it became tomorrows fish and chip paper, but still, how do you get the most from it?

A friend of mine recently garnered a write up in the UK’s Independent newspaper. The actual article is behind their pay wall, but you can read it here.

Deborah is a hynotherapist based in London (visit her website) and from what I can gather, she is very talented. Still, even for the best, like Deborah, press coverage is not an everyday occurrence.

Therefore, below are a few ideas to help you make the most of any press or media coverage that you receive or can arrange.

Get It Online
Not everything ends up on a website. Be sure to ask that your article or interview does and that the page links to your website. High authority backlinks like this are very difficult to get, so when you have the chance you want to make the most of it. Being on their website puts you in front of any offline and online audience that they may have. You want it all.

Have It Reproduced
Can you have the piece reproduced so that you are able to keep a perfect quality copy? Do it.

Laminate It
Over the years I have been published in half a dozen publications under my own name. I now have a folder with laminated copies in of all those articles. On the only occasion that I used it (during an interview for a writing gig) the other parties were blown away by it. Fancy presentation works.

Frame It
You have a wall in your office? Good. Will customers or prospects ever see that wall? They will? Good. Have it framed and mounted in a way that is subtle, but not too subtle. You want people to be reassured and impressed that you have been in the press. Home advantage is only an advantage if you make it so!

Display It To The Public
Does your office or shop have a window that the public passes? If you do, think like a real estate agency and find a way to hang it in the window for the world to see. If it works for property details, why can’t it work for you? Sure, most people will not stop to read an entire article, but the one person each week that does, they are really engaged with you and your company and you need to speak to them.

Mail It To Clients And Prospects
If you have a customer list, prospect list or some form of email list, this is a good reason to contact them. While you are getting in touch, make them an offer. Preferably, make a really good offer that they should want to take you up on.

Mail It To Partners And JVs
If you have referral arrangements or joint venture partners, you could mail it to them. Perhaps there is a way that they can mail it to their clients as a reminder and generate some more leads? An endorsement is a great thing to have. When doing this, by endorsing you your partner is demonstrating how the media outlet is also endorsing you. Is that an endorsement squared…?

This only helps once you can generate some media or press coverage and attention. That is another game! Good luck.

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