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Second Set Of Video Clips From London Internet Marketing Conference

Happily, the remaining group of videos from the Internet marketing conference in London in February are now online. The first presentation at the event was by my partner Tomaz Mencinger. Tomaz is a genius at keyword research – it is one of the core skills that has helped him to build such successful websites. Here […]

First Video Clips From The London Internet Marketing Conference

The first clips of footage from my recent internet marketing conference in London are now ready. At some point, we expect to be releasing a set of (perhaps) four DVDs of the event. Until then, these snippets of content will hopefully provide a taster of what went on. The first clip is of me. This […]

7 Lessons From Meeting Google’s AdSense Optimisers

A couple of weeks ago I presented at an Internet Marketing event in London that I had helped to arrange. The event was aimed at ‘advanced’ SBIers and had over 50 delegates from around the world. One of the sessions was a presentation from the Dublin based Google AdSense Optimisation Team. It was kind of […]