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Watch This Presentation By Jay Abraham

It is rare for me to post a video to this blog, but I thought that there were some real gems – even more than usual – in this presentation by Jay Abraham. As usual there are lots of ideas about business, marketing and growth. I hope you find something useful…

Make Your Press Coverage Live On

Press coverage. Every business or professional would like some. You can never have enough, can you…? For most of us though, if we are able to receive a write up, review or publish an interesting opinion piece, the lifespan of it is very short. In the digital age press coverage can last much longer than […]

A Ballsy Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Something I see often with small businesses is that they are stuck. They have managed to grow and survive some years, doubtless with lots of hard work, but now they just seem to exist. There are no new ideas, excitement, enthusiasm or anything. Just existence. I have recollections of meeting a couple of business owners […]

The Importance Of Business Model Iteration

I am currently re-reading “More Money Than God” by Sebastian Mallaby. It tells the stories of the pioneers in the hedge fund sector, explaining their methods and the workings of this secretive arena. It has made me realise just how important business model iterations are. I knew this anyway, but seeing it relating to a […]

6 Ideas For Digital Marketers To Play In A Bigger League

“Software is eating the world”. That was said, actually written, in an op-ed piece by Marc Andreessen in mid 20111. I often think about it and I thought that today I’d share a few of my thoughts and see what others think. Before I write more, it is also important to this to know that […]

6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Not Attempt SEO On Their Website

Summary: If you are a local business and are contemplating working on the SEO of your website, this post is going to explain to you why it is a bad idea for you to do it and why you should get the best help you can. It is written for the people that want to […]

14 Great Business Lessons Breaking Bad Teaches Us

The TV show “Breaking Bad” has just concluded in the US. Having read great reviews online I have been watching an episode each day and working my way through the five series. Firstly, it has been excellent TV. Secondly, if you haven’t watched everything yet, be warned: Spoiler Alert! Thirdly, obviously I don’t condone meth […]

Marketing Should Not Be Luck

I was on the telephone a few days ago to an old friend. He runs a business and is planning to launch a new venture and we were discussing how things are going. I don’t know how many times I have had this conversation, but it always amazes me. Me: “So how will you find […]

On Client Selection

Recent days have set me thinking once more about how to find and keep good clients. It is one thing to start working for bad clients, that can happen to anyone, but it is quite another to keep working for them. Client selection and retention skills are important for any consultant. Before I begin, it […]

Should Your Business Buy The Most Expensive Domain Name It Can Afford?

There are many different types of value in the world, but some are more readily accepted than others. For example, we know that real estate has value. We want to live a building with a roof, windows, doors, hopefully it is secure and warm, located in a nice neighbourhood, etc etc. We understand that some […]