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The Importance Of A Domain Name In SEO

The 2015 ranking factors report is now out. There were a handful of things that look interesting and important, but one thing stood out for me… Excluding Wikipedia (a .org), 81% of the domains in the top 30 for all tracked SERPs are .com, 84% of which can be found in the top 10. […]

There was a huge sale announced this week on DN Journal. has been sold for US$140,000. In the world of premium domain names, that isn’t actually that high a number. This year the after market has been flying and some incredible prices have been achieved. However, for a local name like that, $140,000 is […]

The Problem With Domain Name Valuations

A little over one year ago I accidentally found a slight wrinkle in the way the domain name system works. It has enabled me to buy more than one hundred premium names in 2013. More to the point, it has enabled me to buy each one for the registration fee only. As might be imagined, […]

Should Your Business Buy The Most Expensive Domain Name It Can Afford?

There are many different types of value in the world, but some are more readily accepted than others. For example, we know that real estate has value. We want to live a building with a roof, windows, doors, hopefully it is secure and warm, located in a nice neighbourhood, etc etc. We understand that some […]