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A Ballsy Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Something I see often with small businesses is that they are stuck. They have managed to grow and survive some years, doubtless with lots of hard work, but now they just seem to exist. There are no new ideas, excitement, enthusiasm or anything. Just existence. I have recollections of meeting a couple of business owners […]

6 Ideas For Digital Marketers To Play In A Bigger League

“Software is eating the world”. That was said, actually written, in an op-ed piece by Marc Andreessen in mid 20111. I often think about it and I thought that today I’d share a few of my thoughts and see what others think. Before I write more, it is also important to this to know that […]

Marketing Should Not Be Luck

I was on the telephone a few days ago to an old friend. He runs a business and is planning to launch a new venture and we were discussing how things are going. I don’t know how many times I have had this conversation, but it always amazes me. Me: “So how will you find […]

What Is The Best Home Business To Start?

A question that I often mull over, after years of learning about business, finance, marketing and strategy, is what is the best home business to start? Of course, it might not need to be confined to being a home based business, but – unless you have pots of money or a venture capitalist funding you […]

How To Double Your Business

I first began to get involved in internet marketing around the time of John Reese’s famous Traffic Secrets launch – the notorious million dollar day. I had read a little of the hype and then it happened. I had probably only been involved in trying to understand any of the IM world for a couple […]