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A Ballsy Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Something I see often with small businesses is that they are stuck. They have managed to grow and survive some years, doubtless with lots of hard work, but now they just seem to exist. There are no new ideas, excitement, enthusiasm or anything. Just existence. I have recollections of meeting a couple of business owners […]

There was a huge sale announced this week on DN Journal. has been sold for US$140,000. In the world of premium domain names, that isn’t actually that high a number. This year the after market has been flying and some incredible prices have been achieved. However, for a local name like that, $140,000 is […]

5 Reasons Why Ranking And Renting Websites Is Taking Over SEO

The world of SEO consulting has been going through some major changes recently. I recently wrote about business model innovations (here) and as if by magic one has appeared in front of me. The recent launch of – and major complaints about – Cloud PBN highlighted this for me. Cloud PBN is a service that […]

SEO Sticker Shock

Regular readers (yes both of you) will know that in recent months I have been writing about the rising costs of performing SEO for clients (here and here). In recent days I have quoted a lawyer in the United States for SEO. He has been very clear, he wants white hat only, though in truth, […]

The Ever Increasing Cost To Perform SEO

Earlier in the year I wrote about the rising cost to perform SEO on a website (here, here and here). Those posts were partly based on research, partly on a feeling I and some friends were getting in the market and partly on intuition. Well, I am at it again today… In recent days I […]

Is Human Nature The Main Impediment To Good SEO?

In recent days another category of website has been hit by a Google update. This time, the update was Panda 4.0 and the category of website seems to be very large e-commerce sites. The history of major Google updates has been one of upsets for different groups of website owners. The pattern is almost always […]

Can Your Site Visitors Contact You?

Over the last few weeks I have been doing a little “cold” emailing of small businesses. There are three different categories of business here in Malta that I would ideally like to find a client in. Not knowing anyone in these sectors personally, I have resorted to sending some emails. Old fashioned hustle. During this […]

Why Are SEOers Still Spam Commenting?

Who in their right mind still uses spam commenting as a way of promoting a website and “helping” it’s SEO? I don’t know the answer to that question. To me, and virtually everyone I know that works in search engine optimisation, Google’s Penguin update killed off most of the use of spammy comment tools. And […]

Risk Mitigation In SEO

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on a presentation that I will be giving in early May at the University of Malta about the risks involved in SEO. I am actually going to show some horror stories for businesses when things go wrong, but that is kinda the same thing… 😉 […]

Would You Rather Pay For SEO Tasks Or For SEO Results?

As a client, what do you want from an SEO provider? A couple of days ago I was sent a proposal by a friend. Her organisation is looking for SEO help, has spoken to another firm and she very kindly wanted to know how I compared. In many ways it was a standard proposal document […]