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Testimonial From Tracy Lange

Of all the wonderful and unusual places in the world, I first met Tracy Lange and her husband Norbert while on a boat trip in the Crystal Bay off the island of Comino. That was back in the summer of 2012. Tracy is Managing Director of Salt Partners Limited (which has since changed name to […]

Testimonial From Bruce Beckett

I first met Bruce in London in 2011 at the SEO conference organised by myself and my Slovenian sparring partner, Tomaz Mencinger. Bruce is a super chap with a wonderful English sense of humour. “I have benefited greatly from Stuart Langridge’s professional expertise, particularly in search engine optimisation. His knowledge is second to none, drawn […]

Testimonial From Mark Demicoli

I first met Mark in mid 2013. After a few discussions I worked with him for a while to fix a couple of SEO issues that his scheduling service,, was suffering from. Take it away Mark… “I first worked with Stuart on SEO on my service Clickbook. However, after getting to know him more […]

Testimonial From Lisa Inglis

A good friend of mine, Lisa Inglis, has just launched her own property management company in Malta, I began helping her a few weeks ago with a site and then SEO. Take it away Lisa: “I really have no idea how he did it, but Stuart took my brand new website to number 2 […]

Testimonial From Mauro Gasan

Mauro Gasan is Managing Director of Petite Events, a destination management company based here in Malta. He very graciously describes his experiences working with me to help promote his company’s website via SEO. “Imagine 2 people meeting for the first time… one speaking about SEO and the other one taking notes! The latter one is […]

Testimonial From Francis Teo

About one year ago I first came into contact with Francis Teo. I was trying to make some decisions about how to structure the blog element of a project I had planned and needed a couple of technical answers. Francis had posted about a similar topic in a forum we both frequent and when I […]

Testimonial From The Former VP Of EESC

In a show of shame faced self promotion, I have decided to start publishing some of my testimonials from consulting clients. After all, what good are they sat in a file where nobody can see? This first one is from the former Vice President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Anna Maria Darmanin. […]