Video Interviews

Does Your Organisation Hold Events?

Would Video Interviews Help To Get Your Message ‘Out There’?

I have been lucky enough to film or conduct over 200 EU policy interviews.

These have been in a number of countries, mainly in Europe, and with a very wide range of experts, politicians and businessmen. From a member of the Dutch Royal Family, to a Nobel Prize Winner, European Commissioners, former and current government Ministers and a number of  former Presidents and Prime Ministers, I’ve done the lot.

For example, I am particularly proud of this one from the 2010 European Business Summit in Brussels with the top-man at WWF International, James Leape:

Another that I am proud of, and that was filmed with a TV crew, was with the Greek Education Minister and former European Commissioner Anna Diamantopoulou, about social cohesion:

Of course, there are many more…

I can offer:

Attendance at the event – with a specialist online journalist if required
HD quality footage
The creation of a YouTube account to host your videos
Promotion of the videos within YouTube
A blog to host the videos for additional search engine visibility

Since every event is unique, we can discuss the price and terms for this service individually. When compared to some of the bigger operations that charge upwards of €5,000 to attend a one day event, my prices will compare very favourably and you decide to skip the some of the extra editing finesse that I may lack.

If your organisation holds events related to government policy and would benefit from the extra visibility that comes from video interviews and their promotion, please feel free to get in touch.

You can email me at stuart123567 @ Just remember to remove the spaces when you send 😉